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TING H Jewelry Director


TING H Jewelry Director


     HSIEH I TING has over 10 years of experience in jewelry design. Her jewelry skills are inherited from traditional Italian jewelry making techniques. She trained in Florence, Italy for three years in traditional jewelry craftsmanship. She specializes in jewelry design, jewelry making, engraving, and stone setting. HSIEH I TING has been focusing on her professionalism in the jewelry field. In jewelry skills recognition, she has obtained certificates in jewelry design and stone setting from the Province of Tuscany, Italy. In gemological expertise, she has been certified in Graduate Diamonds by the GIA Gemological Institute of the USA and Gemmology Diploma certificate by Gem-A FGA of the United Kingdom.

     HSIEH I TING specializes in combining exquisite craftsmanship with whimsical creativity to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Her exquisite and imaginative work has been exhibited in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and China. Her work has also been featured in GZ as well as Schmuck in Germany, L'Orafo in Italy, AuClock in Denmark, Vogue in the UK, Shopping Design in Taiwan, and in jewelry magazines, books, and blogs in Portugal, Netherlands, USA, and Korea.

Until 2020, she was active in European exhibitions and Hong Kong art projects as an independent designer for Tingsjewellery, and since 2021, she has officially founded the brand TING H Jewelry.





TING H Jewelry Director





TING H Jewelry Director

Tingsjewellery Jewelry Designer

Loupe HK Artist Residency

Gemmology Diploma, FGA Gem-A

Graduate Diamonds, GIA

Tecnico qualificato in incassatura di pietre su metalli preziosi, Regione Toscana, Italy

Tecnico qualificator in design orafo, Regione Toscana, Italy

Le Arti Orafe Jewelry school & Academy, Florence, Italy

Bachelor of Arts, Advertising Communication & Philosophy Liberal Arts, National ChengChi University



TING H Jewelry Director